Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I think I originally set up a MySpace page out of old-lady-type nosiness (that must be a word, my spell- check didn't underline it). I'd heard my grandson laughing about some of the pages his friends had set up, and I wanted to read them for diversion, just for a laugh. In order to read the MySpace pages of others, you have to have a page of your own.

I did a search of our local high school and found some familiar young names and faces. Then my son mentioned he had a page, so I added him as a friend. My daughter needed an account to keep tabs on her teenage son: another friend. I discovered the son of a former next-door neighbor, a kid I babysat over thirty years ago. Time went by and I noticed, on his friend list, that his dad (owner of a local winery), sister, and finally his mom each had a page. Ah, more friends for me! They were all kind, and added me.

I mentioned on my AOL journal that I needed MySpace friends, and that garnered me a handful more.

Sometimes I'll get a friend request from some budding musician hoping to spread the word about his music. If I like their sound, I might add them for awhile. I've been propositioned a couple of times in my comment section, but that's no biggie... probably some spammer, because who propositions an old married lady on social security? I delete those.

Yesterday morning there was a friend request from a woman. I looked at her picture and profile, and she seemed harmless... a rather homely woman, perhaps in her 60's. Sure, she can be my friend, whoever she is.

She left comments that seemed quite friendly and innocuous a couple of times. About the fourth time she did this, I realized she was including a link below every comment. Hmmmm, what's this?

It was a link to a porn sight! I'd been tricked! Somebody was using my MySpace page to advertise porn. I removed her as a friend very quickly (I'm sure it wasn't really the homely woman in the picture).

Still, I'm enjoying MySpace. Lots of people have their pages set to private, so I can't always eavesdrop on what the local teens are discussing. (I told you I was nosy.)

I found a retired local teacher who taught during the school years of both my kids and two grandchildren. Requested to be his friend. It's been two days, and he hasn't added me. Oh, the heartbreak. He probably has no clue who I am, perhaps thinks I want to use his comment section to spread porn. (Please tell me that's it, and that he isn't refusing to add me as a friend because he doesn't like me.) Whew, he added me since I made this entry this morning; I feel so much more accepted now.

So you see how caught up I can get in some trivial thing. OK, I'm heading to MySpace now to see if I have any new friend requests.


nerves05 said...

You are to funny :-)
Take care :-)

BarnGoddess said...

haha! a porn site-yikes!

Astaryth said...

Hmmmm... so far I have avoided the whole My Space thing... I have thought about facebook, but not hard enough to actually join LOL! Maybe I'll have to make a profile just so I can be your friend ;p

Midlife Mom said...

I can hardly keep up with my blog so never have thought of doing a My Space. I did read my neices and nephews to find out what was going on until they found out about it and made it Private! Rats! I was getting some good information!

Gloria said...

Hahaha! Funny! But a belated welcome to MySpace. My MySpace is for friends in Uni, however it's more likely that it serves no purpose. But I've met a lot of new friends from there when I first came to Australia and I thought that was pretty great! I only check my MySpace every once or twice a month. It's not as fun to me as blogging. =) Have fun in MySpace and hope you don't spread porn links, haha!