Friday, July 06, 2007

Our fireworks

There weren't any children here this year for the free fireworks our son-in-law brought over, but twenty-one-year-old grandson and his buddy had fun doing the dirty work. Kevin got in on it, too.

This is a shot of our July 4 sunset, taken while we were waiting for darkness so we could start shooting fireworks off.

There are our three pyromaniacs.

Oh, nice!

Not bad; not bad at all.


Midlife Mom said...

Great fireworks! I was so tired that night I didn't even go watch them. Lots and lots of hands on with Buddy and his new care schedule. I'm really wondering if we are going to pull him out of this. There just doesn't seem to be the improvements that we should be seeing. Another seven days and we go back again but I think my vet is at the end of his ideas as to what to try next. I was encouraged at the last check up but things haven't changed at all since Thursday so who knows?????? This is tearing me apart but we just keep plugging along. Sorry to cry on your shoulder.

Celeste said...

I love watchingfireworks. I have finally decided I do not need a kid in tow to justify being old and watching! LOL