Monday, July 09, 2007

A morning ride

I left shortly after 5 AM and rode to the Missouri River bottoms. My plan was to ride to the edge of the river and take some sunup pictures.

Clouds on the eastern horizon.

Cliff's brother used to have a double-wide mobile home down to the left of yonder tree. It was swept away in a flood and he relocated.

Blue is alert and looking at some turkeys.

I couldn't ride all the way to the river because of all this trash, carried here by the spring flooding. Farmers have been trying to burn the dead trees.

This train was facing east....

and this, facing west... on the same track!

Less than a mile home from here.

My neighbor, Dianne, was walking her dog. I stopped to say hello, then went on home.


Midlife Mom said...

As I've said before I do envy your lovely places to ride! Great pictures, love the trains. You sure got some good pictures of that deer too, glad he got out of your way!!

I'm waiting for a call back from the vet. He must be busy as it is 10:15 and I called at 7:15 and he usually calls me right back. As I said in my post I took Buddy off the nitroglycerin as he was swelling up quite badly. He's much better today and moving around out in the arena in the sand. Yesterday he was so dumpy acting and not moving at all. The roller coaster goes on and on and like you said they are like our children so we hurt when they hurt. I haven't given up yet and will continue to keep working at it as long as he is comfortable.

toni in the midst said...

Well, I'm sorry the trailer was swept away but glad nobody was swept away with it. And I want Diane's dog.

BarnGoddess said...

beautiful photos!

I love that time of morning and the BEST way to enjoy it is from the saddle, youve got that right.