Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things I don't discuss on my blogs

I try very hard not to air family laundry to the whole world. It's none of your business.

If I'm proud of my children and grandchildren, I'll share my pride. If I'm ashamed of them, you'll be the last to know. Dang it, I do wish I had perfect relatives. But if I did, none of them would claim me, with all my imperfections.

I won't discuss any problems and disagreements with my husband. Yes, we do have differences at times. I'll keep that between the two of us, thank you very much. Unless I can find some humor in the situation. I may, however, avail myself the opportunity to vent a bit in your comment section, where I'm not so likely to be read by those who know me. Yeah, I'm bad like that.

Life isn't perfect here; I hope I haven't led anyone to believe that it is. We live from paycheck to paycheck. That's nobody's fault but ours, by the way. Thank God we have good credit, because that's what has gotten us through so far.

If I can help family members out and it doesn't put us at risk in any way, I'm glad to do it.I won't tell the world about it; it's between us, and personal. My parents helped us many times; we were always honorable enough to pay them back. Still, I know there were times we drove them nuts with our devil-may-care attitudes.

Enjoy my horseback rides, my gardens, and my pride in my family. And trust me not to stab them in their backs online. Surely they'll do the same for me.


toni in the midst said...

My mom was just saying the other day that in my grandmother's generation, folks just did not discuss their personal business with others. If there was a need, it was humbly (if at all) expressed. And family issues were "secrets." I think the culture has changed drastically since then (free expression and all that garbage).

You be as private as you want to be, Ms. Donna. It's your blog and I love you just as you are.

nerves05 said...

I believe the same thing although i have ranted a time or to on my blog. I don't believe you need to let the world know about certin things. It tends to bring trouble anyways.
Take care :-)

Midlife Mom said...

Good post, I agree wholeheartedly!