Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do banks make mistakes?

I usually start my day with a little Bible-reading and a prayer. Mostly I give thanks when I pray; I try not to ask favors of God, figuring He's handled things without my suggestions for a long time. Today, however, I did mention to Him that I could use a little extra cash for our upcoming Branson trip.

Later, I logged onto my online banking site to see that all recent checks, except one for about $45, have cleared. And the bank seems to think I have over $250 more than my checkbook attests to.

I wracked my brain, poring over the checkbook to see where my error occurred. I'm a sloppy bookkeeper at best, and I knew I had to have made a mistake someplace... a mistake which, if corrected, could be the answer to my morning prayer! $250 would be plenty of dough for us to spread around Branson, considering that we'll be having a lot of our fun right there at the condo.

But I found no glaring error in the checkbook, so I returned to my online statement. I decided to start by going over all deposits, to see if I'd missed listing one. That's when I found the mistake, and it isn't mine... it's the bank's.

I did an online transfer Friday for $265, from my grandson's savings account to my checking account, so I could pay his phone bill online for him. (I know, who pays that much for a cell phone? But that's none of my business.)

The bank has the transfer listed; but it also a separate deposit on the same day for the same exact amount... a deposit that doesn't exist. They've somehow listed the same deposit twice: one as a transfer, one as an actual deposit.

So today I'll call the bank and get it cleared up.

If they were to tell me I could keep it, I'd be back to tell you that the age of miracles isn't past.

God has done a lot of fantastic things for me, and answered many prayers (my horse, Blue, is an example). He's gotten us through some rough financial spots. But He's never flat-out given me a handout from the bank.

I'll let you know if He's changed His tactics.


Midlife Mom said...

I hope they give you the cash! They should as it's their mistake and we just can't take that kind of surprise and then have it taken back again! lol! You'll have a great time in Branson anyway! :o)

I've never been but my parents have and they had a blast. They loved all the shows.

BarnGoddess said...

Banks DO make mistakes but somehow they always catch them or get it to go in their out.

Branson is FUN! I hope you have a rocking time :)

Grandson is getting robbed blind by his cell phone-thats almost my car payment! We have 2 cells, 1 bill never over $78. He needs to renegotiate his service plan for sure.