Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just how long can a cold last?

I'm not sick, really, and don't have a fever. Although I do feel draggy and grumpy from lack of sleep.

Six hours of sleep is about all I can force upon myself in normal times, but in the three weeks I've had this seemingly never-ending cold, I'm lucky to get four hours. I seem to wake up sometime after midnight, either coughing, snotting (sorry for the mental image) or both. I'll lie there hoping I go back to sleep, but eventually I can't stop coughing, and I feel sorry for Cliff and leave the bedroom.

My eyes are scratchy from lack of sleep; energy is nowhere to be found.

I've had this cold for three weeks. I thought colds only lasted for a week to ten days.

Normally, in winter, I'll get two or three mild colds. I certainly hope this one is it for me, because I've paid my dues.

At some point, if this continues, I'll see my doctor.

I hate journal entries like this; I hate to whine. There are people dying with cancer, people with incurable diseases. What right do I have to whimper about a cold?

Oh well, I've vented. I feel MUCH better now.

(Added later:  My normal body temperature is 97 or below; I took my temperature earlier and the thermometer read 98.9; I guess I DO have a slight fever.)


Magran42 said...

We need to know when you are not feeling well. It's our right!LOL...seriously, it's not whinning to let us know to pray for you and to offer help if we can.

Celeste said...

I hope it has not developed into bronchitis

The Guy Who Writes This said...

My wife is a nurse and she tells people it takes two weeks to get over a cold, and if you'r lucky it will be 14 days.