Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cheap horses

I don't know why I'm always reading the horses-for-sale classified ads. I already have two horses, which is one more than I need. But this winter, there are such apparent bargains (evidently as a result of a hay shortage), that I've become addicted to reading ads. Like this one:

NEED TO SELL NO HAY!!! CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!! $ 100.00 or best offer Description I need to sell 8 of my horses. I will trade for hay as well. All prices are FIRM! I have yearlings to 10yrs old. Some are registered, some are not. Prices range $100 - $650. QH bay yrling stud $100, QH sorrel stud coming 2, $150, sorrel/white yrling filly $250, QH Grey 2yr filly $200, yrling reg blue roan paint filly $500, 3 yr stud pinto $350, 9yr sorrel QH mare in foal to pinto $450, black 10 yr old reg paint in foal to palomino/white paint $650 broke to ride.

Wow. Then there's this one, which even got Cliff's interest, and he has no need for, or interest in, horses:

BOMBPROOF 7 yr Bay Gelding for sale. Description I have a 7 year old bay gelding who I must sell due to a need to downsize. The horse is a great trail horse who doesn't spook at anything. I am asking $700.00 OBO for him, but no reasonable offer will be refused. Must sell. ALso willing to trade for 100 bales of good alfalfa. Lee's Summit Area

We have lots of good alfalfa in the barn, which we've been selling for $4 a bale. That would make this horse cost $400; if he's really "bombproof", that's the buy of the century.

I simply have to stop reading ads, or we'll wind up with a pasture full of horses. This is how I ended up with Libby, my filly. Of course, I've never regretted that purchase! So far she's shown herself to be worth every penny of the $150 I paid for her.


Roger said...

Donna I wanted to thank you for telling me about freecycle you have a very nice Blog here looking at your Blog I am surprised that you didnt turn and ran when you seen mine lol I have found a home for my goldfish tho! and just want to say thank you again for your help!

DesLily said...

you really need to stop reading those horse sales Donna lol..sooner or later you know what happens! It already happened to you once lol..

look who's talking! I keep looking in amazon and b&n and sooner or later i make an order... i do really try to stay away from those website! lol

Astaryth said...

Man... I wish I could run across a bombproof gelding for $400... I would probably have to buy it (although -I- don't need another horse!)just to have something other people could ride!

BarnGoddess said...

I followed you over from Rees place.

I missed you on wordless wednesday. I lOVE your picture. Thats my favorite view in the whole world :)