Thursday, January 18, 2007

Finally! We made it to Wal mart for groceries!

I know, I shouldn't get so excited about a trip to the grocery store. But we were out of so many things, I was getting desperate.

Oh, there was plenty here in the house to keep us from starving for at least two weeks, I'm sure. The son-in-law brought milk last night, in case the granddaughters needed cereal for breakfast. But I hate to be without fresh fruits and veggies. Both girls have already had grapes and a banana, just since we got home. See those bananas? Eight pounds of them, and I'll guarantee you they'll be gone within five days. No, it won't be only the girls eating them! Cliff and I eat lots of fruit.

School is out yet again. The girls slept in at home, since their big brother was there to watch them. We couldn't take them shopping because we had to take the pickup (four-wheel drive), so obviously there wasn't room for them. We unloaded groceries and then Cliff went to pick them up.

The ice is falling off trees and power lines; hopefully our yard will be thawed before this weekend's projected snow storm arrives.

I read a thread on an equine message board this morning where someone's horse had fallen on ice and broken its leg. That's scary stuff, and I could hardly wait to get out and check on our horses, just to make sure they're OK, after reading that. They've done plenty of slipping and sliding, even though they're staying in a relatively small area.

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Celeste said...

I know you had to worry about the animals. I hope the ice is melted enough and soaked in good before snow gets on top of it. That makes it BLINDLY dangerous. Take care.