Sunday, January 28, 2007

Reasons I won't re-visit a blog

On my AOL journal, I listed various reasons why I choose to read certain blogs.

I'll use this spot to discuss reasons I will not read some.

The number one thing I dislike, and something I never encountered on AOL journals: blogs that advertise things, with no personal content whatsoever. Why would anyone return to read such junk? I have advertising forced upon me from TV, billboards, and yes, the Internet. But I won't choose to spend time on a blog full of advertising.
More power to you if you make money from pay-per-post. It just isn't my cup of tea.

Now, I have found some blogs of interest that include ads on the sidebar; I wish they didn't, but if the content of the entries holds my interest, I will return. As long as there aren't too many ads.

Another thing I don't care for, although I will put up with it in a journal I otherwise like, is a bunch of artificial graphics. You know, cartoon-y figures of witches or angels or vamps holding whips, or homey little "artistic portrayals" of cottages and such. I love photographs. I despise fake-looking pictures of sirens and mermaids that don't even vaguely resemble the author of the blog.

But that's just me.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

As for your topic yesterday, we purchased two horses yesterday. The adventure begins!

BarnGoddess said...

thank you for your comment this morning. I am not feeling so gripey after reading it :)

Now, this post is one I wish I had written. Because I agree w/ everything you stated here. I avoid blogs with a lot of advertising and a 'busy' sidebar. What about those blinkies? oh my! sometimes they distract me something awful.

I like to keep things clean and precise as I can.....I think I am an obsessive/compulsive person over things like that......

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and are able to enjoy your horses today(which btw are gorgeous!)

Ellie said...

Coming to you by of Phelan.

I whole-heartedly agree with you on this subject! For me it is about content. I love reading blogs that basically all they have is a well written piece and that is it.

DesLily said...

Hi Donna.. well.. after going thru the aol "banner" thing, you have to KNOW I agree with you. There is one blog I used to read that went to ads and such.. in fact, to such a degree that even on dsl it takes a long time to load... so I tend not to go there anymore. I also can deal with one or two here and there if the content of the post is interesting..

makes me wonder if they really enjoy their own blog??

Celeste said...

I do not like all the ads on some. It feels like reading a paper or something other than a blog.
Too many graphics are distracting as well. I use a few but I hate to overwhelm myself! i suppose that is one reason why I have not learned to make them myself.