Monday, January 22, 2007

Today we walked

Cliff and I walk a half-hour daily; it helps us with our weight, and it's actually vital for him, since he had open heart surgery. We walk briskly in our pasture, up and down hills, enjoying the view.

Once in awhile, to avoid mud or snow, we have to drive a mile to our little community park and walk on the track there.

Nine days ago, we had sleet followed by freezing rain, which meant there'd be no walking anywhere.

The ice lingered all week long. School was out until Friday. There was a good bit of thawing Friday, but it promptly froze back into a regular ice-skating rink Friday night. And then we received four inches of snow on top of the ice Saturday.

Now, I did get a little action by taking the dog back in the pasture, tromping through the snow in my boots and trying to avoid icy areas. But it wasn't the regular, brisk, timed walk to which I'm accustomed. Cliff works out during his lunch break at work, in their well-equipped exercise room, but he missed our walk too.

This morning, he said, "I think we'll drive down to the park. Maybe they cleared off the parking lot, and we can walk around there, at least."

It was not to be, for we found there another ice-skating rink, and returned home.

We live just off a little highway that is dry and clear; Cliff suggested we simply walk up that road for fifteen minutes, then turn around and come back.

That's what we did, with Sadie on her leash and halti. Oh, it felt SO good to be walking again. I guess we'll be walking the highway for a few days, because the forecast doesn't look as though things will be thawing any time soon.


The Mumma said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed your visit. :-)

Celeste said...

First, how did you put the books in sidebar? And the Snap previews?
Next, glad yall got to walk!