Saturday, January 20, 2007

Doctor's and nurse's blogs

I'm fairly new to Blogger, having journaled on AOL for years. I set this blog up just in case AOL disappears at some point. However, through this site I've found some interesting new people. Yeah, just what I needed, in addition to the fifty or so journals I already read on AOL.

Some of my favorite new reads are by doctors and nurses; these give me a whole new insight into the lives of people that I normally see only in their professional capacity. I'm enjoying reading their opinions and their patient stories. I like being reminded that they have lives outside their offices.

I'll drop a few links here for those readers who might be interested. All of these have many links to other medical blogs, and you can hop from one to another for hours, if you so choose.

Maybe it's just me who finds these so fascinating.

Nurse Ratched's Place

In My Humble Opinion

Kevin, M.D.


NHS Blog Doctor
(He's in Great Britain)

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