Friday, October 22, 2010

Some of my readers speak

I've heard from a couple of my mysterious readers, although I still haven't found out who my Canadian follower is; he hasn't been back, so perhaps he got his fill after an hour of reading my past entries.  Sitemeter tells me that another Canadian emailed that post to somebody; maybe that was a friend of my stalker, letting him know I'm onto him?
Anyway.  I appreciate those of you who stepped forward and introduced yourselves.    
Meet Nancy:
Hi Donna! I'm your UMKC reader and I have a list of about 8 favorite blogs that I open in tandem each morning before I start working and occasionally at lunchtime. I'm not a teacher or the janitor, but a staff member who works with graduate students . . . I'm the thesis/dissertation format checker! I live in Independence so I like that I recognize the places you talk about in your blog and I was raised in rural Kansas so I enjoy the stories of your cows and gardening. I sent you a recipe one time for squash fries. I think I found your blog through a comment that you made on the Midtown Miscreant blog a couple of years ago. I really enjoy that you update nearly every day. I'm also big fan of the Pioneer Woman blog--I think I found her blog from yours, so thank you!
I remember you sending the recipe, Nancy, and I made those fries more than once.  
Here's Nita: 
I may show up as unknown. I found your blog on PW a long time ago and follow you on my blogger dashboard. My dh and I live in SWMo and have horses, garden and ride an HD Roadglide. I like the way you write and enjoy your stories. It is like visiting you and Cliff. Thanks for sharing!  
Candice said...

I read somewhere that only 9% of your readers will ever comment. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but there are some people out there that will LOVE your blog, but for various reasons, will never let you in on it.
Let me say I'm surprised to see a comment from Candice, because she has such a large following AND works as a nurse.  Oh, and has a couple of young children.  So I'm amazed she has time to comment on any blogs!  She is hilarious and outspoken.  I will warn you that her blog is not G-rated; if some curse words don't bother you, then you might want to read her views on child-raising HERE.  Get ready to laugh.  
If any more of you silent readers want to come out of the closet and introduce yourselves, feel free.  If not, that's all right; I appreciate every one of you, even the silent majority.


Sherry said...

OK< I'm a long time reader that does not comment on blogs much, but I love to read about 50 of them..lolol, I love your style and your down home, say-it-like-it-is attitude, love the stories and I can relate to almost all of them.......hugs, Sherry

Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Donna! I am a regular reader here. I am not always silent :) I enjoy reading about you and your husband's plans to retire and your bike trips. Oh and I just enjoy all your posts really. I found YOU through MY sitemeter. And your right, embarq has us living some places I have never heard of!

I am conflicted about sitemeter. It kinda creeps me out and actually keeps me from going to some blogs. Not just sitemeter but all the counters and locators. No privacy if I want to come back here a hundred times in one hour or stay here for three.

I have a Nook and I love it. Still like library books and buying books but it sure is convenient out here in the boonies!

Rural Rambler said...

Oops! I forgot. I love the quote under your header. The header picture is pretty dang cool too!

Lucy said...

I am not new but have not been coming in until a few months ago. I like your entries so I keep coming back.

nerves05 said...

I read regularly and have for a long time. I normally leave comments as nerves05 but my name is Nancy, I speak every now and then. I enjoy reading your blog and is one of the first i open everyday. I don't remember how i stumbled upon your blog but i read it once and been coming back every since. I live in Florida. Never been up north ever. But i'm a country girl. Most folks don't think florida is country. but it is. It's not all beaches, bikinis and fast lifestyles and transplants. I'm a true floridian born and raised who lives in and loves the woods. Which is why i love your blog. Your simple easy going life style appeals to me. Believe me when i say that it's a true complement.
I love animals. I have hogs, chickens, dogs so your stories are interesting to me. I love food and gardening so i like hearing about that as well. And i love to hear about you and Cliff, just hearing about how you guys, enjoy eachothers company is just wonderful.

I'm 37 i'd like to think myself and my hubby will be the same way in another 20 years.
So thats my introduction and how and why i hang around :-)

Lori said...

How sweet that some of your "stalkers" came out to introduce themselves. And see? They read you for the same reason we old-timers read you! You just have a very enjoyable blog style.