Thursday, October 28, 2010

An incident from 2006

I originally told this story on my AOL blog; there's a link to that on my sidebar, but if you found this story it would be without pictures.  Because when we imported our AOL journals to Blogger, the pictures were left behind.  So I'm re-telling the story, with pictures uploaded.

One Saturday in April, 2007, while entering the barn, my bare leg made contact with one of these livestock panels.  

Specifically, with that blunt, sticking-out end.  
Because it was Saturday and our insurance makes us pay a certain amount to use the emergency room, I had Cliff do some first-aid, telling him he could take me to the doctor on Monday for a tetanus shot.  

Here's what it looked like when he was finished.  
So two days later I called for an appointment with a nurse-practitioner, and we went to the clinic.  

I was taken to an examination room, and a nurse came in and removed the bandages.  She left the room, and I heard a nurse-practitioner whisper to her, "Is it bad?"  
"Oh, yes," answered the nurse.  
Gee, all I wanted was a tetanus shot.   
Well, back in those days I was always looking for something that would be an interesting blog entry.  So when Dr. G came in to do the first, deepest sutures, I asked permission to take pictures.  He seemed puzzled, but assented.  

This, by the way, is the same Dr. G that Cliff saw this past Monday.  

Then a young doctor-in-training finished up with the outside stitches.  

My favorite nurse assisted.  

Not bad work, for a doctor-in-training.  
I really felt they were making mountain out of a molehill, but at least I got my tetanus shot and a few pictures.  
Five days later, this whole incident was overshadowed by my husband's emergency open-heart surgery.  Compared to that, my little procedure was indeed a molehill.  
As the old Sesame Street song says, "The big becomes the little when you move it back a bit."  
I got pictures for my blog from that adventure, too.


Rural Rambler said...

Donna, OWIE!!! I would have taken pictures too. CH woulda have fainted dead away.

Paula said...

The things you have to go through to get one tetnus shot, huh? Those farm/ranch accidents can happen in a flash.

Donna. W said...

This is a test