Thursday, October 14, 2010

For those who don't follow me on Facebook

I mentioned on Facebook that I was making the Russian salsa.  Here's the conversation that ensued (click on it to read it more easily):

Notice that my Russian friend, Meesha, said this:  "You start eating this, next thing you know you are drinking vodka and dancing like this.  And he posted the link to the following video:

Then I said something about how I was picturing myself in one of those dresses, and it wasn't a pretty picture.  
It just went on from there, and I was eventually photoshopped into a Russian costume with a group of dancers.  Here's the picture.

You know why I like it?  Because I haven't been that slender in my entire life!  
Now you have seen me as a Russian, and a skinny one at that.  Who'd have thought that eating some Russian salsa would take fifty pounds off me.


Michaele said...

That is very funny. Photoshop is our friend.

Margaret said...

That's hilarious!! One of the things I enjoy about FB is the quick wit of some of the commenters. :)

Paula said...

Really cute. I like it.

Mo Rage said...

I like how the computers and FB and our blogs and everything helps us shrink our worlds so smalll. How else would I know about Meesha? Or Donna for that matter?


Midlife Mom said...

Oh Donna that is a hoot! I love it! I wish I could Photo Shop my waist that small in real life!

Helen said...

That turned out cute. I love that folksy looking dance. Helen

Anonymous said...

Donna, this is funny. Thanks for sharing with the "old" fashioned people who don't facebook! Karen