Thursday, October 21, 2010

All these new inventions

I've been studying up on these new-fangled e-readers for quite a while.  My friend Joanna has a Kindle.  

My Internet buddy, Jeanie, has a Nook.  They're comparably priced, and both have decent ratings.  If prices on these things get down around $100 at Christmas, I may get one.   

All this research led to my studying up on the Apple Ipad, which starts at $499.  No, I won't be buying one of those.  But it seems as though this thing could replace a laptop.  It has a web browser; you can get to your email; it's an e-reader.  

I wonder how long it will take Microsoft to come up with an equivalent to the Ipad.  It's bound to happen, isn't it?  Surely they want to make money from this new phenomenon.  If and when they do, it's bound to be much cheaper than the Macintosh product.  
What an interesting e-world we live in.  You just never know what's next.

Ohhh, news flash:  Microsoft plans to have their answer to the Ipad by Christmas!  And wait, what's this?  Dell Streak?  And here's something called the Eee Pad!  
Competition is bound to bring prices down.


Lindie said...

Maybe I'll get a Kindle or something once my library has the ability to download the written word. right now they can download it onto an ipod for listening!

Kelly said...

You are up to date on all this stuff! I can't keep up, lol. I don't know about reading on a screen, I still love a good book, although, with a screen, you wouldnt need a lamp to read by. Hmmmm

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with technology as it all does cost a lot. They are not for me on my budget. When the costs finally come down enough maybe I can put one on my Christmas wish list, but it won't be this year. It's nice to window shop though. I hope your Thursday is a great one!

Helen said...

Ken got me a A Sony eBook reader for my birthday this month. We have downloaded a lot of free books to read. I have to lay around a lot with this back so this works great for me. It's not for going on the internet like a pc though.

Angela said...

I've got a Kindle on my wishlist... we shall see if anybody takes the hint.

Nance In CA. said...

I have an iPad. On it I have the Kindle App.with over 60 books I got for free. Plus 3 other e-book Apps. with all the Classics for free. I love it! And yes, it almost replaces a laptop. There are some things I can't do with it, that I can do with my laptop. But the iPad is soooo much easier to transport. We take it everywhere. I have a Bible App. on it and take it to it ! It's a bit pricey but I think it's worth the $$. I love the "iPod" part of it for listening to my music...I have Pandora App on it. Also I watch videos on the You Tube App. I have 20 some games on it. It's so easy to hold and navigate on. OK...commercial over. Just wanted to share my experience.

Astaryth said...

I saw someone mention getting a Kindle when their library offers e-books.. Be careful. Currently the Kindle will NOT let you borrow books from a library. Only the Nook, Sony and Kobo are set up to borrow books. 'Course, like anything, that could change :)