Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vacations after retirement

I figure when Cliff retires, our vacation wings will be clipped.  We'll be able to afford the gasoline to travel; it's the cost of eating and sleeping while on the road that will keep us close to home.  I'm just being realistic here.
Cliff says he'd like to be able to head out to some distant destination on the motorcycle, knowing he didn't have to get home at a certain time.  He figures we could do it if we took a light tent and an air mattress atop the motorcycle trailer and camped at state parks.
Cliff has always hated to camp, so I'm dubious about this plan.  I suspect he'd be wanting a motel the first time it rained, because there aren't many things in life more miserable than camping in a tent in the rain.  Cliff has frequent back pain; how's it going to work for him, sleeping on an air mattress?  On the bright side, we wouldn't have to worry about the bedbugs that are invading the motels and hotels across the country.

We have a small tent that is big enough for sleeping, but you can't stand up in it; how will that affect Cliff's back?  Besides, there's no room for a potty.
A potty, you ask?  What's up with that?
Cliff and I both get up to pee a couple of times during the night.  By the time you've walked to and from a campground toilet in the middle of the night, you're wide awake.  We need our sleep.
Even though I can't imagine this camping thing working for Cliff, I've been doing online searches, and I did come up with a portable toilet that could be hauled around on a motorcycle trailer.  
The Travel Toilet.  
When I showed the website to Cliff, he was so impressed that he was ready to order one right then and there.  
Now, you can get a similar item for about five bucks at Bass Pro Shop, but I read the reviews.  It's pretty rickety; one thing I don't want in my tent is the contents of a broken or overturned portable toilet.  
Of course, we could simply travel to places where we have good friends or relatives, and mooch off them.  Unfortunately, we don't have any such friends or relatives in Colorado or Wyoming or Montana.  I think we'd be good to go in Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, or Tennessee, but those aren't the states we'd like to see.  Also, I don't think it would take us long to wear out our welcome, and who wants to lose friends and alienate relatives?  
Oh well, I'm willing to give this thing a try, doubtful as I am.  I'm always ready for an adventure.  


Your Son said...

I'm currently turning the office back into a bedroom here, so you got a spot in Georgia for sure.

small farm girl said...

If KY is on your way, drop me an email. You are more than welcome. Hubby's Dad might even show you some of his Goldwing jants. lol

Helen said...

Sounds good to me. I used to love to tent camp. Helen

Remo said...


Donna. W said...

Sorry Remo; we've looked into those campers, and we don't have that kind of money to spend. Now if you'd like to purchase one for us, that would be wonderful.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Buy his and her urinals with lids!

Kathy said...

I'd try the adventure too. In small one and two night doses closer to home to begin. Just keeping Cliff's bad back in mind.

Since winter is fast approaching (perish the thought), you have all winter to stash a little extra cash for rainy night hotel stays.

And if you get as far as Massachusetts, the door is open for you.

Penny said...

We used a potty like the one shown at Bass Pro when we were first in Mexico. The legs were made of aluminum and it lasted us over 2 years. I don't know if I'd do that now though, I was a lot younger then.