Friday, October 22, 2010

Cliff's four-day work week

I don't even remember when Cliff started working the four-day work week.  It seems like at least a year, but who knows.  
We've learned to deal with it because, you know, he always gets a three-day weekend.
That sounds good, doesn't it?
Except that for four days a week, he gets up at mid-morning, eats breakfast, goes for a walk, eats dinner, and goes to work.  Oh, and on Friday, he's so tired he's a zombie.  
He and Tony, the guy he rides to work with, are given the choice of going back to a five-day week every three months.  They've decided that when the time comes to make that choice, they're going to go back to a five-day, eight-hours-a-day, work week, at least for three months; because they do have the option of going back to four-day weeks if they want to.
I've learned to deal with either schedule.  What's time to a hog?
A hog, you ask?  What are you talking about?  
This comes from an old Jerry Clower story:  A salesman approached a hog farmer and said, "Mister, if you buy my hog feed, your hogs will go to market two months sooner."  
The farmer answered, "Oh well, what's time to a hog?"  
So we'll see how Cliff and Tony do, going back to a regular schedule.  One thing about it, no matter what his schedule, Cliff only has to make it until next June.  Then he retires.


Rachel said...

WooHoo! I can't WAIT for Dad to retire! Why? Because he deserves it.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hi Donna - I visit your blog often but this is my first comment to you. I honestly can't remember how I found you the first time but I, too read your mother's story and loved it. It made me think of my own mother, who is busy trying to untangle the roots of her family tree. I'm pretty good at snooping on the net, so once in a while I get to help her search someone out. I have a 99% success rate, so far, so hopefully she's let me continue helping.
I love your stories!

Lori said...

I used to listen to Jerry Clower. Haven't thought of him in ages. I need to see if I can find some of his stories on CD.