Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rats and mice

Yes, it's that time of year.  If you live in (or near) the country, you know what I mean:  Mice are trying to find a nice, warm place to spend the winter, and they really prefer living in a house with people; a home where there is dog food just sitting there for the taking, and crumbs dropped here and there to snack on.  
I've strategically placed mouse poison around the house, making sure it's in places where Iris can't find it.  This is an ongoing war, but I always win each battle.  I know how to deal with mice.  
Rats, not so much.  I was pretty sure I saw a big rat out of the corner of my eye last week, and sister-in-law Rena confirmed my suspicions the next day.  She got a good look at a rat whose size, according to her, surpassed that of a German shepherd.  
So Cliff and I had a nice motorcycle ride Friday to look at used tractors that will be auctioned off Monday at Cook Tractor.  That man could look at tractors all day long.  I just enjoy the ride that takes us to see them.  
On the way home, we stopped at a farm store and bought some bar bait, which is rat poison in a solid block that you just toss under and behind things; it works much better for outside use than the small pelleted stuff I use in the house.  
The next day, any bar bait I had tossed around was gone.  Totally.  I guess the rats must have taken it to their burrows to feed their families.  Or maybe that German-shepherd-sized one ate it all at one sitting. 
Because there are unkept yards on either side of our property where these pests can thrive, I imagine we'll always have to watch for them, and watch I shall!  My house is not that far from the barn, and I would freak out if any of those nasty rodents made it into my home.  
I try not to think about the fact that one female rat can easily raise twenty babies in a year.  


Anonymous said...

Oh, those rodents. Have the picture of that German Shepard Rat firmly in my mind now! THINGS have been trying to eat the pumpkins, squash & remaining cukes. Time to bring things in and finish up the gardening.

small farm girl said...

We had a rat in our house one winter. It was the most distructive thing ever. Chewed through water lines(twice), chewed through live electrical wires(twice), and chewed a hole in our floor. Finally it got stuck in our birdfeeder outside. Hubby shot it. It was worth distroying our birdfeeder to get rid of that HUGE rodent. Good luck!!!

Helen said...

I hate rats and Mice, I hope you get rid of them soon. Helen

Bookncoffee said...

My cats won't let one near hear (4 cats). lol Although if they saw one German Shephard size...they might run! lol

Margaret said...

I think I would rather not think about this, although it's not an issue for us. Ugh. I'm worried about whether cockroaches will do the same thing in NYC in my daughter's apt. Not pleasant. Good luck with the poison!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you defeat them. That is a battle for sure being out in the country. I had a mouse in the trap I keep set in the camper this weekend. So far we've never seen any rats around and I hope I never do. We can't leave poison out there, but I always set traps. It's an ongoing battle every year.

Paula said...

Thats one big rat you got there but when you don't like them they do tend to enlarge in your mind.