Friday, October 01, 2010

I've been remembering

Autumn and winter always send me into fits of remembering years gone by, back when I was a child and times were simple.  There were no worries, because when you're a kid, you are taken care of.  Even if I was sick, I knew my mamma could make me well.  
We were dirt-poor, but my parents managed to do a lot of fun things with me; looking back, I'm pretty sure most of those fun things were done 100% for my sake, but at the time I thought they were having as much fun as I was.  I imagine their fun came from watching me enjoy life.
There was our annual trip to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.  We'd borrow a big tarp from a local farmer, and somehow my parents would fashion a tent from it, with our car making up the back wall.  Mother made a camp stove out of a coffee can with sand in it:  She''d put a thimble-full of gasoline in there and that was enough heat to make a pot of coffee.  Sounds crazy, but Mother told me in later years that's how it worked.  
Daddy never cared for movies, so he'd stay home to tend to the switchboard and Mother would take me to the movies:  Abbott and Costello, Ma and Pa Kettle, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.  We went to see "Singing in the Rain" one time, but it bored me silly.  I liked the funny movies.  
There was a rodeo at Sidney, Iowa, I remember attending; I loved the rodeo clowns best of all.  One time a bronc rider was badly hurt at the rodeo, and later died.  For years afterward I remembered his name, but it finally faded into oblivion.  
I never had a babysitter in my life.  Where my parents went, I also went.  I remember canasta parties where card tables were set up all over the place in various homes; there was always lots of laughing and chit-chat at those functions, and usually some tasty snacks.  Other kids and I would amuse ourselves in whatever way we could, trying to stay out from underfoot.  
There were occasional circuses and small-town carnivals.  
I've really had a wonderful life; I have my parents to thank for a great childhood that started me out on the right track.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have some wonderful memories. The only babysitter I remember was my grandmother and we'd stay with her for a couple of weeks at a time. I have some good memories too! Have a happy Friday!

Helen said...

Aren't we lucky to have had carefree childhoods. Helen

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

I agree with your sentiments and can echo the emotional flavor of your memories. My folks were not dirt poor but they were extremely frugal (I grew up thinking we WERE poor) and so we had frugal vacations -- camping in tents and going to free places like the harbor, or museums, or to the beach... (I grew up in Los Angeles) and we played card and board games... my dad organized games with the neighborhood kids (usually war). We were outside running around and we used our imaginations rather than being entertained by electronic gadgets. It was amazing

Pat said...

I love your memories!!! You know the only babysitter I ever had was a family member for an hour or so. Times really have changed. I love the simple life. I hope you and Cliff have a great weekend.

Lucy said...

You could almost be talking about my childhood. My memories are mostly good.

MGW said...

Sweet, sweet memories. No wonder you turned out so well! M.

Jon said...

I enjoyed your memories, Donna, and I hope you'll share more with us!