Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to our shopping trip

Cliff and I were only inside the Penny's store for fifteen minutes; that's how we shop, especially now that we're on the envelope plan.  We picked up the things we were after and exited the building.  On the way to the car, I said to Cliff, "Since Sam's Club is right across the street, I'm almost out of those hot almonds; let's run in there and get some."  
"Oh, now I see the real reason for this trip,"   
"No," I protested, "You had to have some underwear, and so did I."  

But see, I have a new addiction.  

I had already been buying the salted ones, and the chocolate ones too.  But on a recent trip I saw this new-to-me flavor and bought a jar; I was instantly hooked.  I usually have 1/4 cup of almonds every evening, but that has increased to 1/2 cup since I found these babies.  As if I was in need of another high-calorie snack!  I was trying to google information about these almonds and found them on Amazon.com for $45 for two jars; the two jars cost me $18.00.  Whoever is selling them on Amazon probably picks them up at Sam's Club and makes a killing!    

The only other thing I bought at Sam's was a couple of boxes of these; Cliff calls them "little candy bars", but they're only 130 calores apiece, and make for a quick dessert for him when I don't have anything else on hand.  
Speaking of calories:  Cliff had his regular visit with our family doctor yesterday.  We had both been seeing the nurse-practitioners for the past couple of years, ever since our beloved Dr. Deblase left the practice because of cancer (and later died).  I love the nurse-practitioners, but every once in awhile I feel Cliff needs to see a doctor, what with his heart issues and the various medications he takes.  So I called a few weeks ago and made an appointment with Doctor. G, who is always in high demand.  As usual, I went in the exam room with Cliff, with a list of things we needed to talk about.  
Doctor G amazes me with his memory; I have not been to see him in five years, and  he asked how my knees were doing!  
He listened to our concerns and asked lots of questions, and then he got down to business.  A couple of times in the past year, Cliff's sugars have been borderline high.  He says Cliff absolutely has to take off the twenty-five pounds he's put on in the past four years.  That, he said, will solve the blood sugar problem.  
"As we get older, our pancreas starts to wear out," he told us.  "The more weight you carry, the harder your pancreas has to work, but if it's slowing down because of age, it can't  handle the extra work."  
He said, "I'm telling you this in front of your wife because she is the one who puts the food on the table."  
Flashback to Sunday's fried catfish, and the apple cobbler for dessert.  
So yes, Cliff and I have to get down to business.  I know it's OK to break the rules and have fried fish or a piece of pie once in awhile, but we need to do it less frequently.   


Amy said...

I'm addicted to the chile & lime almonds! I'll have to look for the bigger container at Sams!

small farm girl said...

I just love almonds as a snack. Good for Cliffs heart too. lol. I think we all need to get down to business when it comes to losing a little bit of weight. Count me in.

Lori said...

Know that you aren't alone. I need to give my pancreas a break too! :)