Thursday, October 28, 2010

A blog I recently discovered

I'm proud to tell you about this one, because the lady is almost a relative.  Well, I guess you could stretch things and call her a relative:  a second cousin by marriage, or something like that.  She's Cliff's cousin's daughter.  
Were it not for Facebook, I wouldn't even know who she is.  I've heard Cliff talk about her mother Willa, and her aunts and uncle, about the times he had with them as a kid.  
I knew her grandmother, Cliff's aunt: when Cliff and I were in Versailles, we'd go by and visit, in her later years.  
I was "friended" on Facebook by a couple of Cliff's cousins, and later got a request from this Angela.  
"Angela who?" I wondered.  "I don't know any Angela."  
When I saw Cliff's two cousins were mutual friends of hers, I knew this was some relative of Cliff's.  
This happens a lot on Facebook.  I usually go ahead and friend them, then never think about them again.  
But somehow as I was poking around on Angela's wall, I saw she had a blog.
(If you aren't familiar with Facebook, I realize how ridiculous all this "friend" and "wall" stuff sounds.)  
I was blown away by this lady's writing, so very introspective and thought-provoking.  
She's a genuine author, folks; she just hasn't written her book yet.  Or maybe she has, but it hasn't been published.  How would I know?  I barely just found out who she is.      
Go meet Angela at her blog, "If My Life Were a Book".


Lori said...

I'll head there now. Thanks for letting us know about her blog. Always looking for really good writers to enjoy!

Lori said...

You're right. She has a really good writing style. Looking forward to reading more of her!

Angela said...

Wow! Thank you so much, Donna! And Lori not stopped by, but she signed on to stay. :)

Willa said...

Thank you Donna for your nice words about my daughter...always enjoy reading your blogs even about Cliff's underwear, can't wait till the next fish fry to ask him about that...keep on writing girls.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, to Willa's comment: