Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back to our Sunday shopping trip

I can hear it now:  "What?  You're not done talking about shopping?"  
Listen, any shopping I get to do beyond grocery shopping is a memorable experience for me!  
As we left Sam's Club, I said to Cliff, "Since the day is shot anyhow, we should go to Bass Pro Shop and look at the tents; if we're going to go camping when you retire, we need to find a tent we can stand up in.  Besides, we need to check the place out, and with the Chiefs playing, maybe it won't be too crowded."  
Bass Pro only recently came to the Kansas City area; we've been to the Springfield location in the past, but hadn't visited this one.  We'd heard horror stories of crowds and high prices.  
"OK, so Bass Pro is that way," Cliff said, motioning toward the east.  
"No, I'm pretty sure it's in the direction of Kansas City," I told him.  "It's west."  
So Cliff headed south.  Seriously.  
We circled this way and that way, with a few u-turns and Cliff using some colorful language, before we finally arrived at our destination half an hour later.  The place was not crowded at all.    
Most of the tents we found were either not tall enough, or far too big for us; we don't need a four-room tent, thank you very much.  In fact, there was only one tent that seemed right for us.  It's six feet tall at the peak.  

 I took a picture of the box so I'd have the brand and name of the tent, because I wanted to go home and do some research.  It's the Columbia Bugaboo II Family tent.  
I must have spent two hours reading feedback from people who had purchased this tent, first on the Bass Pro site, then on  The price is the same on both websites, with free shipping from
There were dozens of glowing reviews, some cautioning to be sure and use the sealant that comes with the tent so it won't leak at the seams.  I'd say 90% of the feedback was positive; I was impressed.  
But two of the negative comments trouble me:  these were people who stated that the poles shatter easily.  This made me visualize me and Cliff, with a motorcycle as our transportation, being stranded in the middle of the night in a rainstorm in a collapsed tent.  If you're in a car, you can sleep in the seats in an emergency.  With a motorcycle, I guess the only option would be to take refuge in the campground toilet.  
Just how much of an adventurer am I, really?  
It's food for thought.  
By the way, did you know that Bass Pro Shop allows dogs inside the store?  

We looked at some really nifty camping devices, discussed whether canned heat is hot enough to make a pot of coffee, and then went home, where Cliff watched the Chiefs win on our DVR.  
That's it for our Sunday shopping day.


nanlynska said... can get 'replacement' poles at most sporting goods depts. We had one of those tents, and when we bought it we purchased 'extra' poles for 'just-in-case'. We never had to use the extras...but when we loaned out tent to some friends... wouldn't ya know, one of the poles snapped. We had sent along the extras and they used it and were up and goin' in no time. Just a thought.

Rachel said...

Wow, Someone beat me to it! I was going to tell you about replacement poles. You guys won't likely break them, unless they get weather rot after several years. The only time we had them break is when the kids got rough.

Nita said...

I know you said that you all don't want to buy a trailer but thought you might like to see this one. Maybe you and Cliff could make one! lol The replacement poles are a great idea.