Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Iris has a new bed

Sunday morning in St. Louis, it was awfully chilly for riding motorcycles.  We decided, therefore, to wait until closer to noon before we all took off.  
Charlene showed me a bed she got for her dog, Mindy, at a very reasonable price.  
Iris needs a bed.  When we first adopted her, I got one specifically to fit inside her pet taxi in which she sleeps.  I bought it at Pet Smart and paid far too much for it, but it was something that I needed right then and there.  
The thing sheds.  Believe me, Iris sheds enough on her own, without my having little tufts of cotton laying around.  Every time she'd get up in the morning, she'd drag out a few more pieces of her bed.  
Another thing:  I'd really like to get the pet taxi out of my bedroom.  I think Iris has been with us long enough now that she doesn't need a hidey-hole, and I no longer have to lock her in.  I originally had her sleep in the pet taxi because I didn't want her wandering around in the night, climbing on furniture.  That is no longer a problem.   
So while we were waiting for the day to warm up a little, Charlene and I went to the store where she'd bought Mindy's bed, Old Time Pottery (not Pottery Barn).  I picked up a bed for Iris for a paltry ten bucks.  There are lots of bargains to be had there, and I see by their website they have a store in Kansas City on 40 highway.  I may visit there sometime.  
Yesterday after we brought her home from the kennel, I led her to her new bed.  I'd thrown it down in the living room in one of her favorite spots.  I patted it and told her to lie down, and she complied.  But as soon as I backed away, she got off it.  The only time I saw her voluntarily use it, she had her head on it using it as a pillow.  
Last night I took her old shedding bed out of the pet taxi and replaced it with her fluffy new bed.  When it was time to go to bed, she didn't even hesitate, but scrambled right on in.  This morning I took it out of the taxi and put it in a favorite corner where she got right on it and lay down.  
Now, if she will only accept it beside my bed at night, sans taxi, I'll be very happy.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How sweet she looks laying in her new bed. Those pet taxi's do take up a lot of room and are another thing to clean too. Hope it works for you. We a small dog once that had to have a box to sleep in. I put a rug in one and cut out the side and she loved it. When the box wore out I'd just get another. Funny how each is different, but they do have their habits too.

Amy said...

I spent $30 for the cutest bed for the cat. Does she sleep in that cute bed? No. She sleeps in a box. Tsk.

Anonymous said...

She is beatiful, and looks very content on her bed. My animals are only content on MY bed.

Paula said...

Pretty dog/pretty bed.

Bookncoffee said...

Awww...she's sweet. Hope it works out for her. Tugie is looking at me right now going "Momma, when we going to bed?"

Lori said...

She looks very pretty on her new bed.