Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering Veronique Bowers


Some called her “Ronnie”; some called her “Bonnie”. All her friends and relatives say she loved life, and the finer things in life.

She left early on September 11, 2001 because she had a meeting before work, at Windows On The World.

Making small talk with her grandmother that morning, she asked if it was bad luck to wear white shoes after Labor Day.

I’ve often thought what a tragic thing it is that the only thing most of the victims did to put them in harm’s way that day was to get up and go to work.

Veronique loved beautiful clothes so much, she named her son Dior, after Christian Dior. She told folks she had to have expensive clothes because the clients were high-class people; but the truth was, she just liked nice things.

One former co-worker said, “She always wore the best shoes, and always had a cute designer pocketbook and a funky hairdo.”

It seems all her acquaintances, from grade school on up to the time of her too-early demise, remember her for her feisty, fun-loving spirit.

Someone wrote this in her guest book two years ago: “When I look at Dior everyday, I see you in him. You would be very proud of him. Always wanting to be on the go just like you, the phone ringing off the hook for him just like you used to have it.”

It appears to me that Veronique lived her life to the fullest, every day that she had. And perhaps that’s the lesson we can all learn from her life.

Thank you, Project 2,996, for coordinating this effort, and for helping the memories of these people to live on.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this. Her life deserves to be honored.

Anonymous said...

Donna, I've not commented on your blog before. I was just wondering why the dates on the posts from Project 2996 are in the future? Christopher Sullivan is dated 9/8/12, the next one 9/8/13, the nex 9/8/14. I must be missing something?

Donna. W said...

I put future dates on the 9/11 entries because I wanted them to stay at the top, at least until the weekend.

Maggie's Mind said...

Love this tribute to Veronique Bowers, too. She sounds fun. Like you, it always strikes me that these were folks just getting up and going to work like it was any other day, no way of knowing it how that morning would unfold. Thank you for remembering all of these real people.

Tom Hackett said...

Very nice and thoughtful tribute. Hope you'll take a minute to visit mine as well.

Thanks for taking the time to remember Veronique.

Tanja said...

Thank you for taking time to remember my friend. You would think as time goes on it would get easier, but its still hard to deal with the fact that she is gone. Ronnie was such a wonderful person with a awesome spirit. Everyone that met her loved her. She was a dependable friend with a sparkling personality. She was sooo funny. I love her and she will forever be sorely missed.

Ideadsandtidbits said...

Nice tribute! Rock on!

Amy The Black said...

Thank you for that tribute, and for visiting my site, and my memorial to Keithroy Maynard.

Alicia said...

Thank you for these tributes. I honor Christopher Paul Slattery.

Julie Morgan said...

To Veronique.

Firstly, I would just like to say I am from England and I didn't know anyone connected to what happened that terrible day in America (11th September 2001). Like many millions of people across the world I watched it all happen live on TV. That day in New York and all those horrible events have affected me ever since.

I will never forget those poor people who suffered, and my heart goes out to their families.