Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tagged for a MeMe again.

Recently I was tagged by Barn Goddess over at Ramblings From The Reservation. The MeMe goes like this:

I have to tell you 9 things that you don’t know about me, only 8 of them are true. Can you guess which one is not?

I'm sure a couple of these "secrets" have already been told in one of my blogs, but there is only so much I am willing to share with the world.

1. I am naturally left-handed.

2. I only have one toenail.

3. I've never been bucked off a horse.

4. I have a guitar that cost $2,000.

5. Although I'm a jeans-and-T-shirt type woman, I love to occasionally put on the makeup and get out a fancy dress and high heels (with a matching purse), and go someplace fancy to eat, and window-shop in upscale stores.

6. I wear size eleven shoes.

7. I've never had a driver's license.

8. I didn't date until I was twenty years old.

9. I didn't live in a house with indoor plumbing until I was twelve years old.

Now, can you pick out the lie? I'll be back tomorrow to tell you the answer.

I tag Mel and my daughter and Celeste.


BarnGoddess said...

I pick #5 as the lie.

Heels and matching purse? Id be suprised if it is true, not even I would do that.

I suppose I should have read your archived MeMes! these are good answers tho, especially if you really only have 1 toenail.

The sun is finally out today, I hope the same for you up in MO.

Midlife Mom said...

I think number 5 is the lie too! I don't know you that well but from what I've read you don't seem like the fancy schmancy type. But who knows you might have us all guessing! Hurry up and give us the answer!!!!!

Lindie said...

My guess is #5! Never once have you mentioned that kind of stuff!

Anonymous said...

My guess would be # 5. Never once since I have een reading your blogs have you mentioned that! Lindie

Celeste said...

Ia mgoing to bet you donthave matchung shoes and bags! LOL

Celeste said...

It is done

Nerves05 said...

Thats a hard one right there.
I think it's either #2 or #5
But i'm shooting for #5
Because you have said before that
you never understood why girls cared for matching purses and fancy dresses and stuff and you just don't seem like that type anyway.
But i don't remember you talking about 1 toenail thing either. or maybe i just over looked that entry.
So i'm going to say #5 is not true.
Take care :-)