Friday, May 11, 2007

Pictures from around the countryside

As long as we get an occasional rain, there should be some blackberries in July, as evidenced by these blossoms. Berries will be welcomed, since so much of this year's local fruit crop was wiped out by several nights of hard freezing.

The new stray and Sadie enjoy an occasional game of tug-of-war. My daughter is going to take Stray for a trial visit this weekend. If she proves to be house-broken, they'll keep her. I have to say, she's a much nicer dog than Sadie. She isn't very wise when it comes to motorized vehicles, though. If she ends up staying here, she's liable to get run over.

One morning she followed the granddaughters on the school bus. How embarrassing.

This picture was taken May 9, when the Missouri River was at it's highest flood stage.

This is the same area a day later. The road on the near side of the bridge is now dry.

This big black snake was crossing the road last night when I went for a horseback ride. He was about six feet long.

Can you see the River otter sticking his head up, a little above the center of the picture? This is on the back of our place, which is usually dry land.

I clipped the picture to give a better view of the otter; now you can make him out. I mistook him for a beaver, but more knowledgeable people pointed out my mistake. There were four of these critters showing off, but they moved so fast, this was the only picture I was able to get of any of them.

The same area today. The base of the tree that was under water two days ago is back on dry land.

Our back fence had all been under water, but today I could see the tops of the posts.


Celeste said...

LOl I forgot what I was going to say. Must be bedtime.

Celeste said...

I remember now. Our blackberries are in full bloom also.

Trish said...

wow. You see the coolest things. I'm loving your photos.