Monday, May 07, 2007

New Rainy-day pictures

4 inches of rain since yesterday morning. Cliff dumped this so we could start over. It's still raining.

Our little pond never was full last year, as I remember. It sure is now!

That's my footprint in the mud. Yep, I was barefoot. Nope, you'll never see a more flat foot in your life. That's why I have to wear the stupid inserts, and can't go barefoot much any more.

Night crawlers are everywhere. This one was well over six inches long. Anyone want to go fishing?


toni said...

Ewwww, icky worm. But yes, 'twood love to take him fishing, lol.

BarnGoddess said...

Its still thundering and pouring down here in OK. Im glad the tornados are over for now...

we are flooded too and its only going to get worse is ac ouple of hours. I hope my road is passable to town!

I like the foot photo!