Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shoes for Blue

Over the past fall and winter, I had great success leaving Blue barefoot. As I rode, his feet toughened up; it worked out great for both of us. Even gravel didn't seem to hurt his feet.

Unfortunately, during the past month or so, his feet were wearing away drastically, and he was getting very tender-footed.

So yesterday I called Randy, my farrier, and had him put shoes on Blue to the tune of $85..

The past two summers it seems Blue's feet refused to grow. The shoes would fall off, but there was no new hoof to nail them back onto for a re-set; so Randy would have to do the best he could. Before long, Blue's feet would more or less crumble from all the nail-holes; then I'd have to simply ride him unshod at home in the pasture.

We'll see if this summer is a repeat of the previous two.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Donna, feed that boy some hoof builder. That stuff is amazing. Also for the tenderfooted horse you can use something called Venus Terpentine. It is thick like honey so you paint it on with a brush and then slap on a piece of news paper to keep it on the hoof. After a week (treat every day) he will no longer be tenderfooted.

Donna said...

I believe the hoof builder you're referring to must be the pellets I bought from the farrier over the past two years; honestly, I couldn't tell it helped Blue's feet at all. The farrier also suggested unflavored gelatin, which did seem to do some good. But who knows, it may have just been time for him to start growing hooves again. Seems like when summer ends, his feet get strong.

Celeste said...

There is some otherstuff besides that pelleted hoof builder. I do suggest a product calle HOOF HEAL. It does wonders for Crystal's feet. She has soft crumbly hooves and this stuff really does well. It is much betterthan the regular hoof stuff. Brush some on every couple of days or everytime you ride.
She still has all 4 shoes on and the cracks are closing. I cannot remember, does Blue have white hooves? Theyrae soft and usually always need shoes.

Sunny said...

Good post to go... I recently bought a pair of working boots and they fit my foot well to work in my factory...