Saturday, May 12, 2007

Motorcycle expenses

Cliff isn't too interested in horseback riding, and he reminds me often of the high expense involved in keeping a horse. It's true, there's plenty of money involved in Blue's upkeep. Plus the ever-present danger that he could get injured or sick and require lots more time and effort.

Well, paybacks, as they say, are hell. While I thoroughly enjoy our trips on the Gold Wing, the Honda is chiefly Cliff's baby. I'd even say it's his passion. So when we have to unexpectedly spend money on it, it's my turn to rub it in.

The motorcycle developed a little problem. Whatever it was, it involved "forks" and "hydraulic oil". I think.

The cost to fix it is $300. Why, that would keep Blue in shoes for most of the year! And he doesn't require $3 per gallon gasoline, either.

Since I don't drive, our daughter came over to follow the motorcycle in the car and bring Cliff home. I wasn't in the mood to ride the motorcycle with Cliff, so Natalie took my place. Her first real, going-someplace-as-a-destination ride.

Ready to roll.

We laughed at the way Natalie leaned to the right if the motorcycle leaned to the left.

This shot is a little dark, but Natalie turned to wave at us.

We did a little window-shopping while we were there. The girls liked the four-wheelers. Cliff and I priced a new Gold Wing with GPS, seat warmers, and handle-grip warmers. $20,300.

I think I like our old bike just fine.

I certainly hope we didn't turn Natalie into a biker babe.


Midlife Mom said...

HI, I just read down through your weeks posts! Love the hanky pillows, that was a great trade! Your stray dog is adorable, wonder who he belongs to??? I hope he works out well for your daughter. Yeah horses are expensive but I say it's cheaper then therapy by a long shot! lol! I liked your list of 'things about me'. Didn't know that you didn't drive, hey you have a horse you don't need to drive!

Trish said...

So sweet. Just click on the pics and they're big enough to see the details. Natalie is adorable waving from the back of the bike! How totally fun!

masgblog said...

thanks for visiting me re Wordless Wedneday. I was trying to find a comment box where you didn't have >10 comments, and so I was attracted to this particular area because of the motorcycle. I just bought one....Suzuki Marauder. I don't even know how to ride.