Friday, May 18, 2007

On our daily walk (and a glimpse into the barn)

When Cliff and I went through the gate to take our walk, the horses were all in a huddle; we had to shove them out of the way to walk through their midst. Once we got past them and started toward the point, though, they followed us back to their "breakfast bar".

I turned Sadie off her leash, and she quickly found a stick to entice us with.

I'm usually in front, but I got behind Cliff because I stopped to take pictures of the horses.

This was taken yesterday evening after the girls had their ride; since they're interested in riding the horse, I figure they may as well learn to tend to his needs. Monica is cleaning Blue's hoof in this shot.

Before long, I'm going to send them out to the pasture to fetch Blue when it's time to ride. It'll save me the trouble, and they need to get used to putting a halter on a horse. I'm afraid I'll be the one putting the saddle on, though, for a long time to come. That old Circle Y saddle weighs a ton, and Blue is a tall horse.


nerves05 said...

The grass and the tress are so green there. Everything down here is do dry and brown looking. I hate it. We need rain badly. Please send some down here to us folks in FL. Between the green back ground and blue ski's and the pretty brown horses it sure makes for beautiful pictures.
Take care :-)

nerves05 said...

I just noticed all my spelling errors.
You can tell it's been a long day here. I can't spell worth a darn. My brain has turn to mush.. I'm glad it's friday. Have a great weekend
Take care :-)

BarnGoddess said...

your small horse herd looks great. All shiny and healthy looking.

Blue looks like he's enjoying the attention.

"since they're interested in riding the horse, I figure they may as well learn to tend to his needs"

amen to that!

Midlife Mom said...

Are those all your horses? I guess I thought you just had Blue. Very pretty picture, love the green grass we're finally getting some now. Great that your granddaughter is learning there is more to horses then just riding. My father used to say when we were kids that the horses had two ends and they both needed regular tending!

Donna said...

Midlife Mom, I have two horses: Blue, and a two-year-old filly, Libby. Both are Foxtrotters. The other two belong to a couple who rent pasture here.