Sunday, May 20, 2007

a tongue-twister for you


Petey was a snake, only soooo big. Petey lived in a pit with his mother.

One day Petey was hissing in the pit when his mother said, "Petey, don't hiss in the pit. If you must hiss, go outside the pit and hiss."

Petey went outside the pit to hiss. Petey was hissing all around, when he finally leaned over a little and hissed in the pit. Petey's mother heard Petey hissing in the pit and said, "Petey! If you must hiss in the pit, go over to Mrs. Potts' pit and hiss in her pit!"

But Mrs. Pott was not at home, so he hissed in her pit anyway. While Petey was hissing in Mrs. Potts' pit, Mrs. Pott came home and found Petey hissing in her pit and said. "Petey, if you must hiss in a pit, don't hiss in my pit, go to your own pit and hiss."

This made Petey very sad and he cried all the way home. When Petey got home, his mother saw him crying and said, "Petey, what's the matter?"

Petey said, "I went over to Mrs. Pott's pit to hiss in her pit, but she was not home so I hissed in her pit anyway. Mrs. Pott then came home and found me hissing in her pit and said, "Petey, if you must hiss in a pit, go to your own pit and hiss, and don't hiss in my pit."

This made Petey's mother very angry. She said, "Why that mean old lady! I knew Mrs. Pott when she didn't have a pit to hiss in!"


Joyful Days said...

Happy Sunday, Donna! I shared that with my hubby who enjoyed it as much as me! What a hoot.


Midlife Mom said...

HaHaHa! That is a hoot!

Tracey said...

All I can say is...uhg.... Soooo, so bad. I'll be sure to pass it along to Darling as it's right up her alley!

This Eclectic said...

Bwahahaha! You are going into my links right now, lady.