Sunday, May 27, 2007

The rest of the (tractor) story

If you've been following my tractor stories thus far, I left off HERE, with a WC Allis sitting idle that I just couldn't sell because it had ties to my Uncle Leo. There's another thing Cliff mentioned today: my sister's late husband was the one who restored the fenders on the tractor. With so much family poured into the WC, and with my name on it, how could we let it go?

When Cliff mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we should sell the tractor, I reluctantly agreed. But only because my cousin Carolyn, Uncle Leo's oldest daughter, had e-mailed me some time ago saying that if we ever decided to sell that tractor, her son Brian would like first shot at it.

I let her know we were ready to sell, and very shortly she answered back saying Brian would take it.

He came today to pick it up. Cliff told him all about the peculiarities and eccentricities of the tractor.

So my dear departed Uncle Leo's grandson has the tractor now. It's still in the family. It looks like everybody is happy with the deal!

Brain handed us a check and left; when Cliff looked at the check later, he saw we'd been paid $300 more than we asked. Isn't that something?


Mimi Lenox said...

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Midlife Mom said...

I'm glad it is still in the family!

Ellie said...

Hi Donna,

Just dropping in to let you know I have started up a new blog. I always enjoyed your comments on my old one and so I thought I would invite you over to see my new one.

You really do lead an interesting life...don't you? :) I have you in my links...and I will be back for more...



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Anonymous said...

Wow! That really is something. Truly, it's special to have that tractor stay in the family.