Monday, May 07, 2007

geesh... the granddaughters have met the stray

Natalie loves her.

So does Monica.


carlene said...

Awwwwwwwwww...not only do the grandaughters love Blondie...but just look at Blondie's espressions in those pictures Mosie!!!! She is in doggie Heaven!
love ya,

Sharon said...

Might as well face it, you've just become a two dog family.

Astaryth said...

Blondie looks like a real loving little girl. She looks as thrilled as the granddaughters do!

Anne/ksquester said...

The looks of their faces is great and I'm talking about the dogs face also. Anne

Chiquita Banana said...

The more I looked at Blondie the more familiar she looked to me. And then it hit me. My late sister had a dog for many years that looked like her. This dog was named "Ruffy" and of course my sister had to embellish on that and we all called her "Ruffy Ann". She was a great dog and had the same smiling face that Blondie has. (But I believe she inherits that from me. I'm so glad you kept her).

The Real Blondie