Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cliff getting high in Kansas

I have always said Donald, Cliff's brother, was a bad influence. So when I saw him luring my husband into getting high, I took a video for proof.

The purpose of the "trip" Cliff took was this: he wanted to see if these lights got hot enough to create a fire hazard; Don gave him a bunch of them... 400 watts, I think they are. Cliff wanted to take no chances of burning down his shop.

Just a note: When I loaded this video to, they wouldn't accept my description; said it was inappropriate language, or some such thing. It took me about five tries before I finally figured out the word "hot" is inappropriate. Sheesh.

1 comment:

Ron said...

I have had problems with the word "God" at Uncut.

I guess "hot" is not the word they are thinking of.