Monday, May 14, 2007

So, how'd my weekend go?

Saturday Cliff mowed the little lot where my Jersey heifer, Secret, stays. It's only a half-acre or so, but the clover and grass were so thick you could hardly walk in it. It'll be interesting to see how many bales a tiny patch produces. He also mowed the brome pasture for hay, and even the field that used to be alfalfa. I hope we're wrong, but it looks like the freeze may have wiped us out of the alfalfa business this time. No pictures, because it makes me sad to look at it. Cliff hasn't decided whether to bale it, or just leave it laying, since it's mostly weeds.

While the hay was curing, we took Cliff's motorcycle to the shop, as you see in Saturday's entry; it was ready for pickup before 3:30 Saturday.

Yesterday I took myself a Mother's Day horseback ride to the flooded area again. Look closely here and you can see the poor little soaked corn plants.

Here's a field of planted corn that's high and dry away from the flood, and looking good. (Click on the picture for a wonderful countryside view.)

Yesterday we went out on the Gold Wing for an hour or so, then Cliff raked the brome. The moisture has to be just right before you rake hay; then it has to be just right before it can be baled. The brome field, being mostly grass with no legumes, cured quickly.

A granddaughter called and asked if I was cooking a big meal. It's Mother's Day!!!! You think I'm going to cook a big meal on Mother's Day? As evening drew near and Cliff was getting the big hay bales put up in the barn, I realized he wouldn't take kindly to a request for pizza (this is where it would be nice if I drove) but I remembered some meat loaf I'd put in the freezer. I got that out, mashed a few taters, opened a can of corn, and Cliff had one of his favorite meals waiting when he came in.

Then his sister and her husband dropped by on their Harley and ate some leftovers. They wanted me to take them to Napoleon Elevator, since I had an invite by the owner to visit; so we visited with the couple who are doing so much with the place, saw a breathtaking sunset reflecting pink on the Missouri River (it was impromptu, so I didn't think to grab my camera, but take my word for it) and got a brief tour.

Somewhere in there, my son called to wish me happy Mother's Day, and my daughter (who was having a rather bad day) wished me well in her blog. Since I'm not Cliff's mother, I don't expect gifts or special treatment from him. He's pretty darned good to me all the time anyhow.

For a video of a horseback ride along the flooded Missouri River bottomland... check this out:


Midlife Mom said...

I'm jealous of all of your great places to ride!!! I loved the video and could hear the squeak of the leather of your saddle, I love that sound. Thanks for always having such interesting posts for us to enjoy!

toni said...

Now Donna, you know those country farm photos do my heart good. Love 'em.