Wednesday, May 23, 2007

not a bad day at all

The granddaughters are out of school now, and they wanted to work on their "horse skills". Monica is a little scared of Blue's back feet, so she cleaned his front ones.

Natalie happily cleaned his back hooves.

The old Circle Y saddle is far too heavy, and Blue is too tall, for the girls to try and saddle him. Still, they are learning the right way to catch him, lead him to the barn, and put on the bridle. They haven't mastered it yet, but they're learning.

Natalie is tightening the saddle girth after I put the saddle on the horse.

When they had both had a nice ride in the round pen, Monica asked to comb Blue's mane and tail, and wanted to braid his tail. I suggested she braid his mane instead. When she was finished with that (the braids wouldn't stay in, she said), she led him out to pasture.
I think the girls will be great horsewomen; just give them a little time.


Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

They are so lucky to have a wonderful grandmother. You are so very patient and understanding. The world needs more parents and grandparents like you. Not saying that my parents are bad, just in bad health.

Robbie said...

So sweet...

Midlife Mom said...

I love those pictures. It's so good that you are teaching your grands the proper way to take care of a horse and that there is more to it then just riding!

toni said...

Oh my, Donna. I don't dare show my Olivia the horse pictures or she'll ask me when we're stopping by for a visit.

Donna said...

Toni, bring them on!