Saturday, November 06, 2010


I awoke last night to one of those middle-of-the-night revelations.  I thought of our plan to have Direct TV installed Tuesday, then having them freeze the account until our contract with Dish runs out in February.  
That can't possible work.  
If Direct TV is hooked up, Dish will have to be unhooked.  
We'd be without television while still paying Dish!  At least that's what it seems like to me.  I'll call the Direct TV people today.  
Yesterday I removed the tomato cages and plants from the garden.  The soil is hard as concrete from lack of rain, so I left the T-posts.  Cliff can easily remove them using the bucket of his tractor; if I think of it, I'll do a little video to show you how he does it.  
It's a shame that doctor yelled at us about Cliff's weight, because there are lots of green tomatoes that would have really been tasty, sliced and fried.  
Here's how I fix fried green tomatoes:  slice rather thinly, dip the slices in milk, then flour, then beaten egg, then crushed cracker crumbs.  We prefer them this way rather than dipped in corn meal.  You should fry some today, unless you have a grouchy doctor too.  
I was planning on mulching the strawberries with straw today, but thank goodness I googled some information that let me know it's too early for that; I'm supposed to wait until we've had several frosts, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  After strawberry season next year, I'll use some of the runners and start a new bed so the plants don't be so crowded.    
I have two dwarf apple trees arriving next week, along with three raspberry vines.  Here again, I found some information by way of Google just in the nick of time.  I'm not supposed to plant raspberries anywhere that potatoes, tomatoes, peppers or eggplants have been in the past three years, because raspberries are susceptible to verticillium wilt.  Just what I needed, something else to go all blighty!  It's a good thing I only ordered three vines. 
Bonnie-the-cow should be finished up with her hot date by now; hopefully we'll get her home tomorrow, because we're out of milk. 


Anonymous said...

Great, the cow had a hot date & I was home reading Millicent Todd Bingham. Your cow has a more exciting life than I do.

Lindie said...

Can't remember when I last had a hot date! But I woke up in the night with my own tv troubles! Turned on Food Network and found AT&T Uverse has it no more! Now I have to figure out which cable or dish I can use now! I just got used to Uverse! Will call them on Monday and complain!

Wil said...

Donna, just make double-dang sure the DirecTV installer knows the only Dish connection s/he may disconnect is the one on the back of the TV(s). DirecTV is supposed to install a new dish, LNB's, coax cable, ground rod and cable for each new installation, as well as new splitters, receivers and inside cable for connections. I have used DirecTV in the past. In rural areas they use independent contractors who are paid a lump sum, it makes no nevermind to them if they install a complete system or not. So just be on top of the situation when they are doing the install, and require the installer demonstrate that you can have your DISH reception on after they have made the installation by simply switching the coax at the back of the TV and turning on the Dish receiver.

Paula said...

Mosie You remind me of John. He is always changing from Direct TV to Dish to Cable. He is planning a call on Monday. I told him why don't you just use the convertor box and watch local channels like we used to. Would suit me fine but he is addicted to The Newly Wed Game and Baggage. Can you imagine? lol