Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I hate to let Anonymous stay at the top of the page for too long, so I'll tell you about how we're spending our money.  This time it isn't about envelopes, much.  
Our Grand Marquis is rear-wheel drive, meaning it's useless in snow or on icy roads.  Last winter we had to use our ancient Ford four-wheel-drive pickup for a solid month because of bad road conditions.  
This year, Cliff said, we're getting snow tires.  Thanks to budgeting, there's actually going to be money in checking this week to get the snow tires, studded, even.  So today's the day.  I'll lay odds it will be the mildest winter in history, making snow tires unnecessary, because that seems to be the way things happen.  However, it's a comfort knowing we'll be able to get around in our car if there's a blizzard or, more likely in this neck of the woods, an ice storm.  
I'm still watching prices on the Nook ereader:  Best Buy will have them on Black Friday as a door buster for $99.  However, Barnes and Noble has been selling reconditioned ones on Ebay for that price for quite awhile, and the 3G one is only $119.  I have my $99 set aside, waiting for the right opportunity.   
Amazon has a Garmin for $99 now, so I'm thinking this is the time to get another one, one that's current with new roads.  There's nothing wrong with the one we have except that sometimes it thinks we're out in the middle of a field instead of on the road; when that happens, the lady in the Garmin gets upset and yells at us to turn around.
Taxes are due by January 1, and I have that mostly squirreled away in the bank.  I intend to pay with a credit card, though, because of the rewards we get for using it.  As soon as the bill comes in January, I'll pay it in full.  
Did you know there's an extra payday in December?  That is perfect timing!  If ever humanity needed an extra payday, December would be the time.   
Alrighty then, Anonymous has lost his place of prominence.  


Margaret said...

That's a really good price on the reader! We are definitely needing snow tires/4 wheel drive this fall/winter. Already we've been hit!I barely remember the last time we had a school cancellation in November; I think it was about 25 years ago. :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Donna, I always get some good practical inspiration from you. Paying for taxes with credit card to get the rewards.. duh! Why didn't I think of that? Thank ya. Enjoy those new tires.. but I do hope you're right about a mild winter. -Tammy

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Does your Garmin lady have a name? Mine is Judy, my Dad has one named Gloria.

sunny smiles said...

I love and appreciate those extra paydays!

Anita said...

Well aren't you the tech savvy one! I'm jealous. :)
I'll join everyone in the 21st century soon.
Love my books though...will I ever get an ereader? Probably.

Lori said...

Our GPS, named Nigel, has been getting a bit forgetful lately. Maybe he's getting too outdated, and we need a new one.

Ms Martyr said...

Before you buy a new Garmin, make sure you can't update the one you have from their website.
Costco wasn't selling studded tires this year. The salesperson tried to tell us all-weather tires were just as good. Guess they've never tried stopping on glare ice.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.