Monday, March 23, 2009

Scenes from yesterday

It was a pleasant Sunday.

Sassy, Adam's mare, is a bit of a witch (that sounds a lot like what I usually call her). It's typical of horses to fight over their hay and chase cattle away from it, but as long as the hay is spread out in several piles, they'll usually settle down and let everybody eat in peace. Not Sassy, at least not when it comes to Secret.

Yesterday Adam took his two horses on a jaunt, leaving only Blue and Secret in the pasture.

I wasn't surprised at all to see them eating together peacefully, because Blue is like that. Secret has learned to steer clear of Sassy, knowing she's liable to get kicked, bitten, or chased if she hangs too close to her.

Cliff cleared junk off some more fences, while his main tractor-driver, Natalie, waited patiently.
With a full belly, Secret laid down not far from her best friend, the tub. Which I now call "Tubby".
Natalie finds some of the strangest places to ride on the tractor.

Here's a closeup of Secret. Notice her too-short ears, which were frozen shortly after she was born, causing her to lose the ends of them. Most of her tail-switch froze off, too. She doesn't mind. After all, she has Tubby to love her. And me, of course.


Muhd Imran said...

I'd love to drive one of those tractors... then again, riding like how Natalie showed is even more fun.

Now that you pointed out, Secret's ears do look kind of cute... maybe that's her secret to your heart.

Helen said...

Sounds like Sassy could be a mean horse. Selfish at least. Secrets ears look the same size even if they are short. Great pictures. Helen

Hollie said...

Love the photos. Secret is such a doll!

Midlife Mom said...

GREAT pictures Donna! Secret has sure grown! Wow! She is adorable, short ears and all! That just makes her special.

Come by and see my trail ride. Don't look at my equitation though, it stinks.

Paula said...

I think Secret is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute that Secret has he Tubby! She looks like a sweetie, I want to scratch her nose. My first encounter with a cow was on my grandparents farm near Sherman, TX. I was probably 5 or 6 and my Dad led me up to her because I wanted to pet her. She moved her head back real slow and then swung over towards me and slimed me!

Toni said...

That's the prettiest cow photo I think I've seen. LOVE IT!!!

Kathy said...

Great pictures Donna! The last one though ... she's a keeper. :)