Saturday, March 07, 2009

Poor Mindy

When Cliff's youngest sister, her husband, and her dog were coming here a couple of times a month, the dog, Mindy, seemed to feel quite at home.

This time it's been several weeks since she stayed here, and she's worried. Charlene went shopping with her sister, and Pat is working on a truck with their son. They left Mindy here, but she isn't all that happy about it. She kept worrying and whining and looking out the window, so I put an afghan down for her to lie on. She accepted it, but she keeps on watching for her mom and dad to return.

Rather sad, isn't it?

Added later: Pat is here now, and she's quite contented again.


Bookncoffee said...

Oh Tugie did this when Mom kept her while we were at Disney. It broke my heart. I haven't wanted to leave her since.
Mindy looks like a sweet fur baby.

Anonymous said...

Max is the same way when we leave for a time...yes it is sad...they so depend upon us for love and care...hugs...Ora ps...glad Pat is back!!!!

Muhd Imran said...

That love Mindy is having can be sensed so strongly. They have a wonderful pet.

Carlene Noggle said...

poor pup...dogs think we may not be coming back...I see pups left in the car at the bbq where I work and even when their owner is only gone a few minutes, they are looking out the window whining...pitiful.

Humble wife said...

Funny how dogs are like this. We rescued a basset hound who was nice to us, but she longingly looked out the window almost all day long. If she was outside she sat and stared down the lane.

Helen said...

Dogs really love thier masters if they are treated right. Ken got ill at Daisy last night because when he sits down she is always in his lap. He made her move last night and hurt her feelings. She is pouting at him and wouldn't sleep with him as usual but is in her bed in the living room. Ken very seldom gets ill at her and her feelings are really hurt. Helen

Rose said...

My old lab did not see me leave the other day. He was busy eating his dinner. I was gone for almost 6 hours and although he was not alone, he howled and paced back and forth from the back door to the front door. He went outside and waited for me in the cold night air.
Since then, I make sure he sees me leave. Seems to help.
I wonder how attached he would be if I was not the one who feeds him. He does seem loyal that way.