Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a new day (odds and ends)

We only received a half-inch of rain yesterday morning, but that should be enough to get our grass seed germinating.

Judging by comments my readers left about our roof situation, sounds like it's a good thing we have emergency funds. Truth be told, we have planned to roof this mobile home ever since we first purchased it. It would have been nice to get some help with it, but that isn't essential.

Cliff plans to go buy some big bales of straw after he gets up and around, which probably means he won't be taking a walk today; Sadie and I may go ahead and walk while he's asleep.

It's winter again! Thirty-four degrees when I went to feed the livestock, and there's a possibility of snow this weekend.

Cliff went for his quarterly checkup Monday, and got word yesterday that his blood work looks excellent: "Keep doing whatever it is you're doing," the nurse told him.

I asked him, "Does that mean we get to eat pizza and have breakfast at Denny's and eat fried catfish?" Because we've done all that in the past week.

After our prescription screw-up with the young doctor three months ago, we scheduled Cliff with the nurse-practitioner this trip. She's actually the one who originally suspected Cliff's "indigestion" might be heart trouble. Good catch, Elaine!

Speaking of that, it will be three years next month since Cliff's open heart surgery. Since that time, we look at each day as a gift. We've had a lot of good motorcycle rides together, and hope for many more.


madcobug said...

Good news on Cliffs results. He has done good since he had the heart surgery. It's supposed to rain here the next three days. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good news on Cliff's health for sure. It seems so impossible that it has been 3 years now. Some people are lucky to have a wake up call like you all did to make you aware of exactly how much each day really is a gift to be treasured. I got the call, but in a different way for sure. I do celebrate each day as much as I can...even when it's raining and cold outside. Have a great day and hopefully many many more of those rides. 'On Ya'-ma

Kelly said...

Glad Cliffs health report was a good one. We are getting that rain today that y'all had with the wind. I don't want those cold temperatures to follow too, so keep them over that way please! ;) Hugs, Kelly

It's Just Katie! said...

It was a nurse practitioner that caught my dad heart trouble as well. Good call. Hoping all works out well and you continue to enjoy your everyday (that hopefully involves pizza,Dennys and that fried catfish). Take care,

Kathy said...

You know, last week I was thinking about Cliff's surgery ... for what reason, I don't know. Sometimes as I float along reading blogs, thoughts of people pop into my head. :)

Good checkups deserve kudos!

Astaryth said...

Wow! It doesn't seem like it's been 3 years since Cliff scared all of us. Time sure does fly!

Celeste said...

Dang time has flown by. It does not seem possible that it has been 3 years! Good job Cliff!

Lori said...

You guys are healthy and happy and wealthy in spirit, vivacity, and interests. You keep moving and having fun, so you should live to be a hundred!