Sunday, March 01, 2009

Runaway Sadie

Since we've moved further away from the road, Sadie isn't quite as bad about running off when I let her out. It's always a risk, though, and I keep an eye on her when she goes out to answer nature's call. I also look around for the neighbor dogs, because she loses her mind if she sees another dog, and she's off. With me screaming, "Noooooo" in vain.

Yesterday morning when I let her out, she went absolutely nuts running in circles at an unbelievable speed. I guess it was the snow that set her off. I watched her from the porch, reminding her why she was out there (Sadie, go potty. Go on, Sadie, potty. Potty, Sadie, and you can have a treat. Please go potty, Sadie).

About that time I heard the Jersey heifer bawling for her breakfast, but she seemed to be a distance away. I was afraid she had gotten someplace where she shouldn't be, so I stepped inside and put my coat and boots on to trudge through the snow and go check on her. As it turns out, she was fine, just inside the stall of the barn out of the weather. I came back inside, forgetting all about my dog.

It was probably a half-hour later I remembered that Sadie was outside. By then, of course, she was nowhere to be found, and calling her was in vain. The last time she disappeared like this, we found her a quarter-mile down the road, heading rapidly toward Kansas City... in the middle of the road!

When Cliff offered to go looking for her yesterday, I told him it wasn't much use; she could be anywhere.

After being gone for an hour or so, Sadie showed up again, proud of her latest escapade.

Darn dog. I'm too old to have a disobedient dog with that much energy.

Next time I'm getting a basset hound.


Helen said...

Glad that she and the heifer were ok. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a worry those dogs can be. My beagle used to be a runner too. I put one of those leads on a stake next to the back door and put him on it whenever he went out. I didn't have to go out as it reached right up to the door too. He would slip out of his collar sometimes so I put one of thos choker collars on his so he couldn't.
Solved my problem of keeping him safe and not having to go out first thing in the morning to walk him.

Glad she came home and that the calf was ok.
'On Ya'-ma

Astaryth said...

Once again I bless my fenced in little yard. It's just a little area around our trailer, but it is so convenient to let Morgan out anytime she wants to go out and she can stay out as long as she wants. It is nice not to have to go out with her every time she wants out.

Unknown said...

I hate when my dogs get loose. They run from me like I'm the devil!