Saturday, March 07, 2009

Historic Excelsior Springs

Upon leaving the James farm, I persuaded Cliff to return home by way of Excelsior Springs. We ride through the town often, but the parts of it we see are rather seedy and run-down. Each time we've passed through, I've noticed the signs about the "Hall of Waters" and "The Elms Hotel". Since we're recently on a sort of museum binge, I figured it was as good a time as any to check these out.

Click on this to see it better and read some facts about The Elms. This particular structure was build in 1912.

It's all very posh. This hotel thrived on business from people who traveled to drink the magical, healing waters from the abundant springs here. Cliff and I had assumed people came to Excelsior Springs to bathe in the waters for healing, but we learned that they came mainly to drink from the various springs. Water from different spring contained different combinations of minerals, believed to relieve various sorts of complaints and ailments.

While admiring this structure (the Hall of Waters), an enthusiastic gentleman saw we were interested and stopped to give us a few facts: This is the costliest project ever built by the W.P.A. in the thirties, he told us. I'll have more to say about the gentleman later.

This building is undergoing restoration.

I so wanted to go inside that diner! Doesn't it look like it's right out of the 30's or 40's? Cliff, however, didn't seem interested, so I didn't press the issue.

I always enjoy these murals painted on the walls of buildings.

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Sheila Y said...

We used to love going to Eureka Springs when we lived in Kansas. I have a miniature old school house looking chair with desk attached to back that I bought there. I keep it in my family room. Have a great day, Sheila