Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things that make you go "hmmmm"

So, Cliff has been going without his two front teeth since Monday because the partial he's had since he was eighteen needed a little bit of work. He was to pick up his rejuvenated partial this morning at 7:30. He was quite anxious, since he hasn't enjoyed smiling without his two front teeth.

He gets home from work at 4 A.M. He slept for two hours this morning, then got up and headed to the dentist's office to fetch his teeth.

Alas, for some reason, the partial hadn't arrived. The apologetic dentist assured him they'd be there before noon. So Cliff came home and went back to bed.

Four hours later the call came; his errant teeth had arrived.

I went along and waited in the car. When Cliff came out, he had his front teeth, but he wasn't smiling. There's a gap where there shouldn't be, and a tooth that protrudes where it shouldn't. He's wearing his teeth over this weekend (a funeral, you know); then he'll send them off again, and see if they can't get it right this time.

Trying to make him feel better (because I'm all sympathetic like that) I suggested we eat at the local Mexican joint.

Every little town has one of these, right?

This sign greeted us at the door:

I'm still scratching my head. I will say they had plenty of customers, so the rumor must have been adequately squelched.


Celeste said...

Dang. So sorry about the teeth.

Amy said...

Sooooo.....the restaurant WON'T be closed? Hee...

Paula said...

Our's is called El Castillo. Oh but we got lots more where those came from. There is El Rancho, Rios, Restaurante Chile Bandera, La Hacienda, well you get the picture. What can we expect in Atascosa county? Disappointing for Cliff, hope they get them right this time.

Muhd Imran said...

Must have been a lame rumor started off by a competitor. That simple sign stops all rumors easily. Cheap and effective.

Hope Cliff will have his best smiles back soon after the weekend.

Unknown said...

Poor Cliff! How hard is it to get things right?! I've been craving some Mexican food that I didn't cook!

Lori said...

So sorry about Cliff's partial; that would have to be frustrating. And about the sign, that is so funny! Wonder why and how the rumor started that they were closing. They obviously felt very strongly about it, didn't they? lol