Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter toons (from cousin Edna)


BlueRidge Boomer said...

That first one really hit home....being transplanted Floridians...CityBoy and i keep saying that to each other....LOL!!

Stay warm and enjoy....LindaMay

Hollie said...


Milly said...

I am enjoying your weather comments, especially the one about Dan Henry. The current "pretty" faces, especially the woman on Channel 5 who exaggerates everything, don't hold a candle. I like Busby though -- something about musicians, I guess. Stay warm! Oh! and the heartburn thing -- I have awful acid reflux and discovered that I could order the general over-the-counter Prilosec from India and have doing so for three years now. It costs me $90 a year but only because I need the bigger dosage to ward off the nighttime misery. I can get the 40 meg pills (instead of the 20 they sell over the counter) and it's cheaper than even my insurance copay. Glad to you found something that works well. MGW