Thursday, January 07, 2010


(Sorry about the video being private before; I've fixed it now so you can watch it. Thanks to Sugar for telling me.)
We have single-digit temperatures today; that in itself wouldn't keep me from going for a walk, but the wind is horrible. I'm sure the next time I walk (three or four days from now), I'll be plowing through new drifts, because there are drifts aplenty.
Yesterday morning, knowing what sort of weather was heading our way, I took Sadie out for our walk while Cliff was still sleeping, in order to beat the storm.
Sadie often hunts up a stick for herself when we're walking; I don't know how she manages to find them in the snow, but she does. Oftentimes it's a stick we've used before. She develops favorite sticks: she likes a smooth one with just the right heft and feel, and if you ask her to choose between two different ones, there's a certain type she'll go after.
Beggers can't be choosers, so yesterday she made do with a bumpy stick that really wasn't to her liking... but it was the only one she could find. In the video, you'll see her trimming off the bumps, trying to smooth out this particular stick. Cliff and I have seen her come out of the woods with a small branch that will have twigs sticking out of it in many places; she'll drop it and work on it frequently, getting those unwanted pieces off as best she can.
At one point you'll see Sadie trying to lure me into tussling over the stick; I had to reprimand her.


Sugar said...

couldn't see your video, said it was a private video?
i posted a few pics of looking out my door this morning on blog.
take care.

Paula said...

Sadie is one smart cookie.

madcobug said...

That sure is a lot of snow. It is barely snowing a little here.
She is minding really good. I bet that stick was cold. Helen

Hollie said...

She's such a smart dog. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. I want some snow, but not like that.

Midlife Mom said...

Sadie is such a great dog! Give me a mutt any day, they make the best ones. We call ourselves at the humane society Mutts R Us!

My book arrived and was waiting for me when we got home last night! Thanks again Donna, I am tickled pink to have an autographed copy of PW's book! Now we will see who wins my other one!

Yes, I thought the whole surgery was fascinating. The breathing tube bothered me but it was worth seeing everything. That is one amazing place, wish we had one closer.

Heard you were getting really COLD weather. Stay warm and keep those pipes from freezing. There was a whole segment on that on the Early Show this morning.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so fortunate to have your Sadie. She is a delight and must give you hours of happiness. I wouldn't have ventured out at all so I congratulate you on getting out in all the snow for a walk. We have ice under the snow now so it's not great walking outside unless it's where they've treated the parking lots or walkways. Keep warm!
'On Ya'-ma

Lori said...

Eler Beth and I watched the video on Facebook. We just love seeing Sadie and her sticks.

Rachel said...

Looks like you have snow aplenty! We only got about an inch so far and I doubt we'll get much more. The wind has just started here.

Sadie is so pretty and her stick looks sort of big for her! I enjoyed the video very much!