Sunday, January 03, 2010

My daily walk

I walked the full length of the trail Cliff and I always go on today, the first time I've made it all the way since before Christmas. It's such terribly hard work, trudging through snow, even though I stop and catch my breath several times. The cold temperatures really don't bother me that much; I cover my nose and mouth when it's single-digit weather and wear plenty of warm clothes. I don't wear my glasses when it's this cold, because they fog over when my nose and mouth are covered.
I need the exercise, of course. In weather like this I spend even more time than usual sitting in front of the computer, so the exercise should be motivation enough.
Then there's Sadie, who lives for that daily walk. It's strange to me that she is free to head back to the pasture any time I turn her out, but she doesn't go; she's like a little child, wanting an audience for her antics.
The thing that really makes me push myself out the door and into the snowdrifts is the knowledge that my mood is so much better when I've spent forty-five minutes or so out in the bright sunlight. Today the sun was heading to its destination in the west, and something about its angle caused little diamonds to sparkle and gleam in the snow all around me. It was nothing short of awesome.
It's just me and Sadie, these days. Cliff made one stab at taking a walk with us the other day and got his shoes full of snow. He refuses to buy himself a pair of snow boots, but I think that's just because he really doesn't want to walk anyhow.
To each his own.
The poll on my sidebar is done now, and Costco won handily. Its membership fee is $10 more per year, but when my Sam's Club card is ready to renew, I may give Costco a try. There's a site HERE, and another HERE, that compares the two; one thing that popped up in my searching was that Costco pays their employees more and treats them better.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Bless you for being such a determined person. I'm afraid that when it is cold and snowy, I stay indoors. I know the sunshine does do a world of good though. I did get out for a bit taking my Christmas decorations off the porch and the sunshine came out a bit here this afternoon too. It sure did warm my heart if nothing else. My exercise in the winter consists of the many trips up and down the stairs I make here at my house.

Rachel said...

We went to New Life this morning. Several people asked about you. I told them that you were fine, and had even recently built a snowman for Dad. Nobody seemed surprised.

madcobug said...

I would probably be like Cliff. I used to take walks in the snow over mountains and waded across creeks but my back wasn't as bad then. Helen

Midlife Mom said...

I used to walk daily with my Dad until I got arthrits and bone spurs in my feet. Oh how great old age is..... I need to change my name to Over The Hill Mom istead of Midlife Mom, how did I come up with that, it's only been three years and I was old then!

Loved your bird video. Juncos are one of my all time favorite birds. They look like someone just popped their belly in some flour or powdered sugar!

Lori said...

Donna, may I steal your "housework" tag in your sidebar? Glad you have been able to get in your walks. I haven't, but I should have.