Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

I hadn't planned to see the new year in, but since Cliff worked different hours for New Year's Eve and got home at 9 P.M., I decided to stay up with him. At midnight I was sitting on his lap waiting for my New Year's kiss; at 12:05, I was in bed. I'm a real party animal, I am.
At 5 A.M., I was wide awake, and at 5:30 I got up and made my coffee.
The forecast looks bitter, with no temperatures above the teens for the next several days. This sort of winter, of course, only serves to make spring more beautiful when it comes. I'm getting a seed catalogue almost every day now, but I'm tossing them in the trash; I prefer to do my seed-shopping online. Anyway it's a little early to be buying seeds; knowing me, I'd put them away and forget where they are.
My oldest granddaughter, Amber, came yesterday and spent the night. She and I watched an excellent movie I'd recorded on DVR, "Gone Baby Gone". There was lots of profanity in it, and since it was on TNT, substitute words were dubbed in; that took some getting used to, since the dubbed-in words were pretty ridiculous at times.
When Cliff got home, I told him about the excellent movie and ended up watching it again with him. It's a movie that left me thinking about what is right and wrong, and realizing that there are some gray areas after all... not everything is cut and dried. I'd recommend "Gone Baby Gone" to any adult, if you can put up with the bad language.
I won't be cooking black-eyed peas today; that's one of the few foods Cliff detests, right on his list with oysters, yogurt, and turnips.
I'm thinking maybe some of Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti would be in order.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy New Year!

madcobug said...

Happy New Year to you , Cliff and Sadie. Helen

Anonymous said...

There can be gray areas in certain situations, but with some things, it is blacker than black & nothing will change that.

People say you can't change the past, but the past does affect how you feel & behave in the future.

Tango said...

Happy New Year....I think I made it until midnight. I heard guns going off.
How is Kody doing?

m.v. said...

That's one long five minute kiss. Hapy new year! We are in st. Louis and were talking about stopping by on our way back and saying hello,except I am not sure when we are going. I only got less than 2 hours of sleep and feel like getting to my own bed right away

Hollie said...

I got my kiss & headed to bed also. It's windy & cold here too. It's supposed to drop into the teens for the next several nights. Brrrrrrrrr Come on Spring!

Sugar said...

on 1 sta i heard: for 1 wk, on another i heard: for the next 2 wks...highs in single digits-teens, & lows in singles-below 0!!! can we say FROZEN SOLID, yes we can! BRRR


Hyperblogal said...

Happy New Year from the big city where gunfire was way less last night at the witching hour. Ammo is just too darned expensive I guess.

Lindie said...

Glad you had a Happy New Year! I would give anything if I had been close to my sweetie last night! Not happening though so am glad I was where I was. Went to bed at 11:15 after watching NY saying Happy New Year!

ADB said...

Happy New Year, Donna

Midlife Mom said...

Happy New Years Day! We are getting clobbered with snow for the next few days. Up to 16 inches on Saturday! Hope we can take Nick down for surgery on Monday!

Yes, I am a praying person and will put Kody on my prayer list! Burns are terribly painful, I will pray for some relief for him and for healing.

I've got my PW cookbook give away up and running. Thanks again for your give away!