Saturday, January 30, 2010


I learned a long time ago that very few people share my taste in music; that's why I don't have music playing automatically when you come here. There are things you can click on in my sidebar, if you so desire, to hear music I like. But that's your choice.
When I'm blog-surfing, I often have my Pandora station playing; sometimes I have an actual radio or CD player going, next to my computer. So when I go to a blog and some sort of obnoxious music starts without asking my permission, my first impulse is to click off that blog, FAST. Unless it's a REALLY good blog, in which case I'll put up with it. I won't like it, though.
Even if I enjoy the song that's playing, it's clashing with what I'm listening to already.
But that's just me.
If you want a chuckle, go read Heather's latest blog entry. Sometimes I get the feeling she and I are related, because her family sure sounds a lot like mine. Nurses have the greatest sense of humor; maybe they have to, in order to keep their sanity.
I went to see my plastic surgeon yesterday (in a million years, I never thought I'd be using the term "my plastic surgeon); he said I can do anything and wear anything (or not) I want, since I've done so well. He seemed very pleased with his handiwork. I have to go back one more time in six weeks for my "after" picture, once the bruising is gone. I feel like a centerfold.
Oh, here's something interesting: The tissue that was removed was tested for malignancy, and none was found. I didn't know they were going to do that, but I'm glad they did. It makes sense.


Paula said...

That does make sense to test the tissue since they already have it anyway. I'm so happy for you that it came out okay.

Sandra said...

Love the way you label your blogs: blah, blah, blah. However your 'ramblings' are ones that I enjoy! ;)