Sunday, January 10, 2010

I did get the daybed... and other short stories

It looks right at home near my computer, doesn't it? That's the headboard of my children's old baby crib on the wall.
The mattresses on the daybed and trundle leave something to be desired; I will probably replace them, since a twin bed mattress can be purchased at Big Lots or Sam's Club for $100. Now that I've finally gotten the daybed, I can move on and do some other things with this room. And now when grandchildren want to spend the night, there's a bed (or two) waiting for them.
I've already found out the daybed is going to come in handy when I'm watching television episodes like "The Dog Whisperer" on my computer; I can stretch out and relax instead of sitting in that computer chair. I need a few big pillows for it, though.
I would not have dickered with the girl on the price ($300), but when she answered my email, she said, "Someone else is coming to look at the daybed tomorrow, so I can't take less than $275."
Oh, so I can have it for $275? Thank you very much.
I have three numbers to call in the nearest town to see what it will cost to have my wireless Internet secured, and one number to call in the next nearest town. I know it will be a very simple job for someone who knows what he's doing, so there's a limit to how much I'll pay to get the it done. The grandson has a techie friend who could no doubt do the job, and I would be glad to pay him. But getting somebody like that to help you is next to impossible; young fellows always seem to have something more important on their minds... like women.
Our Garmin Nuvi told us today that since we've had it for more than a year, we need to purchase new maps. I went to the website to check it out, and found out it would cost $69 for a onetime update on maps, or $119 for updates for the life of the GPS.
We could buy a new Garmin for $129. I think I'll pass on the new maps and we'll get along with the outdated ones for another year or two; then we'll just buy a new GPS.
Do they think we're idiots?


Lori said...

Yay! Glad you got it, and it looks very nice. Love that quilt on it. I hope you can get your wireless secured soon. Do you guys like your Garmin? Thomas is thinking of getting a Garmin, and I can't think of the model he wants, but he's still looking.

madcobug said...

The bed looks really nice with your quilt on it. I was thinking that would be a good place to nap when you were on the compute and got really sleepy. Glad that you got it.
Ken loves his Garmin. Those prices have really come down on new ones since he got his this past year and now the screens are even larger and easier to see. It really came in handy for him when he was taking my daughter to the hospital and different doctors in Birmingham this past summer. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got the daybed. It looks very nice and the quilt on it is beautiful too. I love the fact that you kept the crib headboard and hung it on the wall. It's always good to have an extra bed for company. I have several here at my house.

m.v. said...

it's not like tons of new roads and street have been added to the new map, it still looks the same as old one.I am looking at a Garmin GPS too and it seems to have lifetime maps

Pamela said...

Nice daybed! I'm sure the grandchildren will be very comfortable on it.
Beautiful quilt, too.

Terri said...

So glad you got the looks great!

I cannot believe they wanted that much money to update the maps on the Garmin..when you can almost buy a new one for that..